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Greek coffee
Greek double coffee
Espresso double
Cappuccino freddo
Cappucino with wipped cream
Frappe (iced coffee)
Frappe with ice cream
Frappe with Bailey's
Irish coffee
Filter coffee


Hot tea (mighty leaf) several flavours
Ice tea lemon peach
Chocolate hot/cold
Chocolate Viennois
Milk shake (vanilla/chocolate)

Fresh fruit juices

Mixed fruit


Continental (coffee of your choice, bread, butter, jam, honey, cake, orange juice)
Alegro (coffee of your choice, bread, butter, cake, fried eggs, bacon, feta cheese, tomato, orange juice)


(served with potato chips)
White bun with poppy seeds & wheaten bread
Smoked salami, emmental cheese & tomato
Mortadela, emmental, lettuce
Smoked turkey, emmental cheese & rocket
B.I.T. bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonaise

Club Sandwich

(with fresh french fries)
Ham, bacon & turkey
Ham, bacon & grilled chicken

White & brown bread, gressini sticks, variety of olives, small rusks, tomato & feta cheese


Fried eggs
Fried eggs with bacon
Scrambled 3 eggs
Special scrambled 3 eggs (tomato, feta cheese, ham, bacon, cream cheese)
Omelette with sausage & french fries
Omelette with ham & cheese
Omelette vegetarian with fresh vegetables
Omelette special (ham, bacon, turkey, cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomato
Omelette with fresh asparagus, turkey & tyrovolia (mykonian cheese)


Greek salad small/large (tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, onions, peppers, lettuce, caper & olives)
Tomato & Watermelon (tomato, watermelon, feta cheese, rusks & spearmint vinaigrette)
Rocket & Parmesan (rocket, lettuce, pine nuts, sundried tomato & parmesan)
Ceasar's (chicken, iceberg, parmesan, croutons & ceasar's dressing)
Caprese Buffalo (tomato, fresh mozzarella Buffalo & pesto sauce)
Warm salad (chicken fillet, rocket, iceberg, french salad, pleurotous mushrooms & mustard sauce
Alegro Prosciutto (green & red lola, french salad, fennel, radicchio, escarole & "Alegro" vinaigrette
Fried "manouri" white cheese (green & red lola, french salad, fennel, radicchio, escarole, sun - dried tomato, sesame& yoghurt vinaigrette)
Gorgonzola salad (iceberg, rocket, lettuce, grapes & fresh gorgonzola sauce
Taboule with smoked salmon (traditional tampoule with smoked salmon & yoghurt vinaigrette)
Crab Salad (salad, escarole, fennel, green apple, celery, cherry tomatoes & lime sauce)


Fresh grilled meats (veal fillet, pork steak, lamb chops, chicken fillet, sauce bernaise


Mostra (Mykonian rusk, Mykonian spice cheese, tomato)
Grilled Mykonian sausage with fresh french fries
Zucchini balls (homemade) with mayonnaise dip
Grilled talagani cheese with rocket & tomato
Feta cheese baked in pastry with watermelon jam
Pie of the day (homemade)
Parmesan cheese balls (homemade)
Tarama salad (homemade with white fish roe)
Eggplant salad from grilled veggies
Meat balls homemade with french fries
Fresh asparagus with butter & lemon or a la creme
Smoked salmon rolls stuffed with cream cheese & yoghurt sauce
Octopus* in vinegar sauce
SHrimps* with ouzo sauce
Cod fish croquettes with garlic & potato pate
Fried calamari*
"Frying pan" with fresh steaming hot mussels
Arabic pie stuffed with feta cheese, tomato, basil & olives
Grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, peppers, potatoes, pleurotous)
Fresh french fries

Fresh meat

Gyros (pita, tzatziki, onions, tomato, french fries)
Pork neck medallions (french fries & salad)
Lamb chops (french fries & salad)
Beef burger with roquefort sauce (with french fries & salad)
Turkey burger (french fries & salad)
Chicken leg deboned (french fries & salad)
Chicken fillet (french fries & salad)
Veal steak (french fries & salad)
Rib - eye (rocket & french fries)
Alegro veal fillet - with gorgonzola or Marshala sauce (with rocket & french fries)
Fried veal liver (with peper, onion, french fries & salad)
Grilled tenderloin - with mustard sauce & mushrooms or with Porto & Balsamico sauce (with french fries & salad)
Pork Schnitzel (french fries & salad)
Chicken with parmesan with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh asparagus & french fries

Sea food

Grilled calamari* with salad
Grilled octopus* with salad
Grilled shrimps* with salad
Fresh salmon fillet with shrimps sauce & rice
Grilled fresh salmon fillet with steamed vegetables
Fresh dorado per kilo
Fresh red mullets per kilo
Lobster per kilo boiled or grilled
King crab leg* (400-500gr) on the grill

Pasta (Linguine, Rigatoni)

Bolognese with fresh minced veal meat
Carbonara with bacon, mushrooms & fresh cream
Vegetarian with zucchini, carrots, peppers, mushrooms & onions
Shrimps* & zucchini with white whine sauce
Chicken broccoli & fresh asparagus with fresh cream
Marinara (mussels, shrimps*, calamari*, clams & cockle with wine sauce)
Lobster Spaghetti for two - with fresh lobster (900 - 1000 gr)

Fresh pasta homemade (plus the flavors above)

Greek Strozzapreti (tomato, feta cheese, peppers, olives, caper & oregano)
Strozzapreti with mushrooms (with wild mushrooms & black truffle)
Spinach linguine with sundried tomato & tyrovolia cheese
Garganelle in pesto sauce (with basil & pine nuts)
Garganelle with chicken (sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, pine nuts & fresh cream)
Pappardelle (with small pieces of veal fillet, peppers & fresh cream)
Stuffed Ravioli with ricotta & spinach in vodka sauce with salmon & red caviar)
Black linguine with crab meat & sundried tomatoes pesto


Veal fillets & ksinomizithra cheese
Vegetarian (carrots, onions, peppers, mushrooms)
Mushrooms porcini & parmesan
Shrimps* (saffron & red caviar)

Desserts (homemade)

Brownies with ice cream
Pear pie with ice cream
Banoffee with ice cream
Traditional of the day
Mousse mascarpone with fresh strawberries & chocolate drops

Soft drinks

Coca cola / light 250 ml
Fanta orange / lemon 250ml
Sprite 250ml
Soda / tonic Tuborg 250ml
Avra sparkling water 330ml
Avra mineral water 500ml
Avra mineral water 1 lt
S. Pellegrino 0.5lt


Glass of white wine (Prima Terra Asyrtiko Hatzimichalis)
Glass of red wine (Prima Terra Refrosco Merlot Domaine Hatzimichalis


Mythos o.33 cl
Kaiser 0.33cl


Glass of ouzo
"Karafaki" ouzo 200ml
Tsipouro Tsilili 500ml
Tsikoudia karafaki 200ml


Whisky special
Metaxa 3*
Metaxa 5*
Metaxa 7*


Bloody Mary
Daiquiry with fresh strawberry or banana

Traditional Cretan extra virgin olive oil of our production.